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More than a website. A smart bridge for property managers, brokers, tenants, and owners. Mobile responsive technology built specifically for Property Management firms.

Property Management

Renting out your home or apartment can be time consuming, from repairs, to tenant issues, to taxes. Our team of Property Managers are fully equipped to handle all situations.

Tenant Services

Our agents are here to help you find the right rental and to make the application process as simplified as possible. They are also on call to assist with any questions that may arise.

Broker Services

Deciding when to sell, how to market, and choosing what price to market with can be a hassle. That's where our brokers can step in, providing guidance by turning a difficult process into a breeze.



Rachel G.

“Your Property Management has been managing my property for over two years now and I couldn’t be happier. I never have to worry about anything going wrong because I know Your Property Management will handle it with grace.”

Ross G.

“As a long term renter in Hawaii, Your Property Management has the most responsive team of Property Managers I’ve dealt with. They take your concerns as a tenant seriously and are there to provide quick and efficient service. In the future, I’ll only be renting through them.”

Joey T.

“My parents wanted to downsize by selling their home. After doing some research on the web, I geared them toward Your Property Management who seemed the best fit for my parents who were new to the whole process. I was not disappointed one bit and neither were my parents.”

Chandler B.

“As a renter I had a great experience with Your Property Management, so when it came time to rent out my own property it was a no brainer… Your Property Management.”

Phoebe B.

“After moving to Oahu recently, I needed to find a home, fast. Phil helped me find the perfect house, location and all. Thanks Your Property Management.”

Paul G.

“Using this site was plain and simple. I was able to find a renter in no time, and the whole application process was made easy by using the online documents.”